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    Change in Main Objects of the Company

    The Company may, with the approval of the Shareholders and Registrar of Companies, change its main objects. The object clause in the MOA of the Company, explains the Main Business Activity of the Company and activities which are necessary for the Company. To change the main objects the Company alter the object clause of the MOA of the Company.
    The process involved in Changing the Main Object is:

    Step 1: Holding of Board Meeting for Alteration of object clause in MOA

    Step 2: Holding of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting for Shareholder’s approval

    Step 3: Filing of Special Resolution passed in Shareholder’s Meeting for alteration of Object clause in MOA

    Step 4: Incorporating the altered object clause in all the copies of MOA.

    Documents required for change/ Alteration in Main objects of the Company are:

    1. Board’s Resolution
    2. Shareholder’s Resolution
    3. Altered MOA with new objects
    4. Any other document as may be required shall be communicated.

    Taxcellent will help you in drafting main objects andrelevant documents and changing the object clause of the Company.

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