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    Appointment of Director

    As per Section 149(1) of the Companies Act, 2013, every Company shall have a Board of Directors Consisting of Individuals as director i.e. only a natural person can be director of company.

    Minimum Number of Directors required in different types of Company are:

    • Three in case of Public Company.
    • Two in case of Private Company.
    • One in case of One Person Company.

    Maximum number of Directors a Company can appoint is fifteen, if company want to appoint more than fifteen directors Special Resolution Required to pass in General meeting.

    No person shall hold directorship in more than 20 companies and 10 in case of public company as per Section 165 of the Companies Act, 2013. For counting the limit, dormant company and company licensed under section 8 subject to condition are excluded.

    Documents required for appointment of Director:

    • Holding of board meeting and pass the resolution to appoint the additional director according to the AOA of the company if no clause is mentioned then in accordance with provisions of section 161 of the act. Thus, Board Resolution is required.
    • In case of appointment of Director, the Company has to call shareholder’s meeting for appointment of Director by the shareholders, in accordance with provisions of section 152 of the act. Thus, Shareholder’s Resolution is required.
    • Director Identification Number is must for any person willing to appoint as director.
    • Consent of the appointing director in form DIR-2
    • Intimation about the non-disqualification by the appointing director in form DIR-8
    • Any other document as may be required.

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